Donna Fremon

Intuitive Counselor, Certified Guided Imagery Therapist

I’m a good listener.

My style is positive, direct, and unique. In a safe and upbeat atmosphere, I incorporate guided imagery, channeled information, energy awareness, and practical advice into each session.  And it is actually fun.

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Intuitive Counseling

No matter what challenge you’re facing, change is easier when you have positive, fresh, straight-forward support.

In a safe and peaceful atmosphere, my nonjudgmental solution-oriented approach focuses on your strengths and positive qualities rather than rehashing old problems.

If you’ve been struggling with stress, troubled relationships, emotional upset, or just feel stuck in a rut, it’s time to seek a fresh perspective – and some new tools –  to get your life moving and joyous again.


Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a gentle, yet dynamic, process for self-understanding, discovery and healing.

  • Accelerate your personal growth and spiritual development
  • Increase your confidence and self worth
  • Gain a significantly more positive outlook on life
  • Regain your energy, vitality, and focus
  • Lessen stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improve your health & sleep better



Just out of your sight are so many loving souls on the Other Side who delight in helping you to see the “big picture”, to smooth out a rough spot, or just remind you that you are loved.

Communicating with loved ones who have passed over can bring much needed comfort as you begin to recognize that life indeed goes on and everything is OK.

Getting useful information from your guides or angels often feels like talking with a dear friend who loves you unconditionally and helps you connect the dots to achieve greater peace and understanding of your life.

Donna is an amazing person. She had helped my family and I IMMENSELY. Words cannot describe her talents. She is my angel. I highly recommend her.

Lisa L

Love her! I was approaching my birthday and needed some guidance and reassurance. She provided just that. Donna is the sweetest woman you will ever meet! She is a great listener. We did some guided imagery/hypnotherapy that was amazing. I love her home office it is ridiculously relaxing. She has a little pond waterfall that gets you in a calm state as soon as you walk in. Can't say enough good things about her, truly one of a kind.

Jackelin H.

Donna is honest, caring, endlessly compassionate and a wonderful guide. Her comforting and confident energy welcomes me at the door, every time, allowing me to explore many deep and challenging spaces within myself. I think I have laughed and cried, equal amounts of time, while sitting in the comfort of Donna's office and care. I also appreciate that she is available for phone sessions too, when I am not able to drive to see her. Donna taught me how to better love myself and reminded me of all the ways that I am amazing.

Sarah B.

I have visited Donna multiple times and each time I am welcomed into a peaceful, serene, and open environment. Donna is caring, spiritual, loving and of course a wonderful guide. She has helped me come in contact with my purpose and role in this world and universe. She has also helped me with grief and loss. She is a gem and worthy of a visit. I'm very thankful for her.

Laurie E.

Donna is the MOST AMAZING human being on the planet. Whenever I am at my lowest low, I go to Donna for help and guidance. She never fails to make me LAUGH and feel good after our session. She has a gift for telling it like it is but in the most loving and humorous way. Donna always finds a way to help me see things in a different light and make me feel hopeful again. I've never felt more unconditionally loved and accepted for who I am as I do when I'm in Donna's presence. I love you, Donna. Thank you for being a huge source of inspiration and LIGHT in my life.

Reenie S.


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Donna Fremon-Powell is a legal Alternative Healthcare Provider and not a California licensed healing arts practitioner. 
Her services do not include the practice of medicine or psychology and are not intended to replace standard medical treatment and/or psychological care that you are receiving. Always consult your physician regarding.

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